Prof Arun Ram on stage at Federation Hall


The Institute for Enquiring Minds is proud to announce that our patron and current member of the Board of Directors, Professor Arun Ram, is back on stage by popular demand.

This is a fascinating piece on the fringes of maths and music and so much more. It is a dramatic retelling of one of the more fascinating moments in intellectual history.

This performance will take you back to the salons of Abraham and Lea Mendelssohn in Berlin, 1828, to a gathering of some of the greatest scientific and musical minds of the day.

In the year 1828, Alexander von Humboldt set up a hut for measuring the Earth’s magnetic field in the Mendelssohn garden, on his way to writing his treatise on the Universe, Kosmos. In the previous year Beethoven had died, leaving a controversial musical legacy, while Abel and Jacobi were in the midst of creating a mathematical revolution with the development of elliptic functions.

Discover the sounds of Beethoven, the elliptic orbits of the planets, and the thrill of the Kosmos, and experience the passion and exuberance that were the hallmark of the legendary Mendelssohn salon.

Professor Arun Ram and Michael Leslie are the co-writers of this piece which was one of the earliest performances that The Institute helped to produce in Australia; MATHS & MUSIC IN BERLIN, 1828: ELLIPTIC ORBITS, KOSMOS & BEETHOVEN.

Professor Ram has developed the piece and now performs it with Melbourne gun pianist, Josh Hooke.

We at The Institute are keen on mathematical revolutions.

Find tickets for the performances in Melbourne, Sydney, Ballarat and Wonthaggi on Eventbrite. Links below.

The Melbourne show;

The Wonthaggi show;

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