Where to find us.

As of this week The Institute for Enquiring Minds will have a new physical presence in Melbourne. We have joined up with the lovely people at “Rubato Upstairs” in Brunswick. Unless something else is happening one of the Founders will be working out of that space every Friday. For the next 12 weeks Dr Doug Lynch will be travelling in from the country at a spectacularly anti-social hour to Rubato Upstairs to join a motley crew of creatives in the shared working space.

The practical impact of this is that if you would like to meet with Doug, Fridays are usually the best day.

Rubato Upstairs is located at 34 Breese St., Brunswick, VIC 3056

This is very close to Anstey Railway station on the Upfield line, Upfield Line Bike Trail, Sydney Road and the No. 19 Tram. It is even closer to a ridiculous number of good places for coffee, baklava, dumplings…… it’s Brunswick after all.

Contact Doug via email doug@enquiringminds.org or phone +61 403 98373

Rubato Upstairs is the sister or brother of Tempo Rubato. https://www.temporubato.com.au/about

Tempo Rubato is a new performance space focussed on serious piano players using a serious piano. The space is home to the fascinating Piano Project which is a little bit like The Institute for Enquiring Minds but instead of redefining access to excellent mathematics they are redefining access to excellent piano lessons. Have a look at their work here; https://www.pianoproject.org.au/

Tempo Rubato have an over sized grand piano made by the Australian company; Stuart and Sons. This is an exceptional company making exceptional pianos. Check them out; https://www.stuartandsons.com/

Tempo Rubato have performances for free most Friday nights and we are likely to be there if we are in town. Come and say hello and support one of the most interesting initiatives in music today.

Our association with Tempo Rubato was born of a collaboration between our Musician-in-Residence, Michael Leslie and the people behind Tempo Rubato. Michael lives in Munich, Germany so he is part Musician-in-Residence and part Musician-at-Large. He does visit Melbourne regularly and on his last visit to Australia played at Tempo Rubato several times.

Michael Leslie is the co-writer and performer of one of the earliest performances that The Institute helped to produce in Australia; MATHS & MUSIC IN BERLIN, 1828: ELLIPTIC ORBITS, KOSMOS & BEETHOVEN. The lead writer and lead performer of this show is, of course, Professor Arun Ram.

We don’t like to do things by halves and neither does Prof Ram. We are pleased to announce that there will be further performances of this piece associated with National Science Week. Keep an eye on this blog for further details.

Come and see us at Rubato Upstairs or join us for a bit of wine and culture downstairs at Tempo Rubato on Friday evenings.

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