Navigating the Institute; from Mentee to CEO


The Institute for Enquiring Minds is a multi-layered entity.

We are gathering an impressive group of alumni already. We really value these people and we want to stay in touch.

There exists an obvious pathway from High School Student to the Chairperson of the Board. We would love to see one of our mentees become the head of the entire Institute in the future.

To help show how this progression might happen we have drawn up a simple chart to help illustrate this.



One obvious hope would be that a Mentee that has completed their time with The Institute would go on to study maths and then, when appropriate, they could become Mentors and pass on the mathematical “gold”.

Similarly we hope that our Mentors remain associated with The Institute and that they would become Members. Memberships are designed for the committed Enquiring Mind. Consider an Undergraduate that has been able to run mentorships while studying but then joins the work force and cannot make the same time commitment. This person is highly valued by The Institute and we would like them to stay involved while we understand that they have more commitments. Members would be Paying and Non-paying. Any Member that is still in full time study or not yet earning would apply for a Non-Paying membership. Once they have secured the job they are looking for they would become paying members. The fee is projected to be quite small and designed to cover the costs of running the institute to benefit these members.

Should a member then find themselves increasing their involvement with the Institute they could be invited to become a Fellow. This is a very senior role. Fellows might be acting as a director, they might be a major protagonist for an Industry Mentoring Program within their area of private sector expertise or they might be working within the area of maths education with a direct input to one of our many projects. There are many possibilities.

However, taking a step back to the beginning of this journey, and the beginning of this article, let us consider the Mentees again. We know that many of these impressive young people will study in areas other than maths. We do not want to lose our connection though.

The young people that receive Mentorships are a very impressive bunch. We are big into maths education but this is not an exclusive enthusiasm. We see maths as a part of everything and as such we expect our alumni to find themselves involved in everything. They might go into health, they might work other scientific fields, they might become the next Banksy, they might become Lego-Certified-Professionals. (I would be so impressed if one of our alumni became a Lego-Certified-Professional!) (Being the next Banksy would be almost as good.)

If ever there is a way that we can work with one of our alumni, perhaps collaborate, perhaps employ them, perhaps work with their young businesses….. then that is what we would like to do. There are many more ways than Maths to contribute to The Institute, to show appreciation for the support given through our Mentorships.

Regardless of the area that Enquiring Minds Alumni work in we want to stay in touch because these people are going places.

They are, after all, Enquiring Minds.