Professor Kerry Landman elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

It is with great pleasure that the Institute for Enquiring Minds congratulates Professor Kerry Landman on her recent election to the Australian Academy of Science.


Her citation at election makes for impressive reading;

“Kerry Landman stands at the vanguard of internationally recognised applied mathematics devoted to cross-disciplinary research and real-world problems. She has made crucial contributions to a range of fields, from colloidal fluid mechanics to developmental biology. The distinguishing feature of Kerry’s achievements is the development of a broad spectrum of inventive models, which provide a fundamental understanding of how complex processes interact to produce experimentally observed behaviour. In recognition of her career contribution to industrial and applied mathematics, in 2014 she was awarded the ANZIAM medal, the premier medal of the Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics Society.”

We consider a hero and a role model. We are proud to call Kerry a friend of The Institute. She is an outstanding academic with a broad range of successes in very diverse areas of research.

We celebrate this recognition of a great voice in Australian and international mathematics.

Photo and Video credit; AAS