Industry Mentoring Program


Learn from professionals in their workplace




Many companies who employ significant numbers of mathematically trained graduates actively encourage their employees to engage in community volunteering. Whilst these activities are of course extremely worthwhile, they rarely leverage the mathematics skills of the professionals volunteering. We work with such organisations to run Industry Mentoring Programs.

We believe such a program offers enthusiastic learners under our scholarship a unique opportunity to interact directly with professionals doing “real world” maths and gain an exceptional insight into the world of opportunities afforded by a strong mathematical education.


What it is

A typical example would be a 4-week program run once a week, 4-6pm, out of the host firm’s offices. Around 10 employees would be paired with an equal number of secondary school students. These students would meet the same criteria of motivation and financial need as we require for the regular one-on-one mentoring program. The program would begin with an orientation for the students involving a tour of the host company directed by the team of volunteers. This allows the volunteer/student pairs to become acquainted while the student is given a unique insight into the importance of mathematics in the host firm’s operations. After this the program runs very much as our core mentoring program. The student and volunteer working intensively, one-on-one, for the remaining hours of the program.

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