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An evolving collection of notes, worksheets and other study materials


Here are some year 10 level notes on linear graphing, trigonometry and quadratics (and more quadratics). Here are some year 11 methods notes.


For something completely different, if you’re interested in quantum mechanics, specifically entanglement, check out the article Reality is Only a Word.

We also encourage students to develop a curiosity beyond examinable material. Here is a (more difficult) problem set on mathematical induction, and an extended question on polygons and circles.


A huge thank you to Anthony Wong, one of our awesome volunteer mentors, for sharing a veritable treasure trove of practice questions covering methods units 3/4 topics: calculus, functions and relations and probability and specialist units 3/4 topics: calculus, circular functions, complex numbers, differential equations, dynamics, kinematics, statistics, vectors and vector functions!


Across the intraweb there’s a huge amount of great material available — everybody knows about Khan Academy and Numberphile… but here are some examples of other great resources…