One-on-one Mentoring



Working one-on-one with enthusiastic experts can help

reset mathematical self-belief and expectations of success



Our one-on-one mentoring programme offers students a minimum of a terms worth of two hours per week face-to-face study time with an enthusiastic mathematics expert.


The individual needs of the student will dictate the structure of these sessions but a common approach is for the student and mentor to start off by working through the school-set homework. A student who has completed the set homework will feel more confident and engaged going into their next class and therefore more likely to benefit from their teacher’s instruction. Through this process, technique and knowledge gaps may come to light. Addressing these will then be a priority and may require a small amount of extra homework to be set. 

The program typically runs according to the school calendar. In other words, a successfully completed programme equates to about 18 hours of mentoring. At the end of this period, assuming both the mentor and student are keen and able to continue the award simply rolls into the new term. If a student is keen to continue but the mentor is unable to, The Institute will endeavour to find the student a new mentor.

Our one-on-one mentoring places are awarded via scholarships. Key criteria are a desire to learn and financial hardship or need. If you or someone you know could benefit from an Institute for Enquiring Minds scholarship please apply now