One-on-One Mentoring


Working one-on-one with enthusiastic experts can help
reset mathematical self-belief and expectations of success



What it is

Our one-on-one mentoring program offers motivated high school students, the Institute’s scholars, a minimum of one terms’ worth of two hours per week face-to-face study time with an enthusiastic mathematics expert. Our mentors come from a range of educational and professional backgrounds, but have all studied mathematics at some point during their time at university.

What happens

The individual needs of the student will be put first, but a typical approach for theses sessions is to start off by working through school homework. A student who has completed their homework will feel more confident and engaged going into their next class and therefore more likely to benefit from their teacher’s instruction. Through this process, technique and knowledge gaps may come to light. Addressing these will then be a priority and may require a small amount of extra homework to be set.

We also encourage mentors and scholars to make use of our resource hub, which contains some material on topics covered at school, as well as interesting concepts and ideas not presented in the formal curriculum to stimulate a degree of mathematical curiosity.

"Being able to talk about maths to someone who is genuinely enthusiastic and curious about the subject is something you don’t always get in daily life. It’s been extremely fun and rewarding to dedicate some time every week helping under-resourced students succeed and fulfilling their intellectual thirst.” - Mike, mentor


What it looks like

How it’s organised

We match mentors and scholars based on their profiles, as compatibility makes mentoring sessions significantly more effective. After the initial meeting between a mentor and a scholar, we let the magic happen on its own, occasionally checking up to ensure everything is running smoothly.

The program usually runs according to the school calendar, so a successfully completed program equates to about 18 hours of mentoring. At the end of this period, if both the mentor and student are keen and able to continue the award simply rolls into the new term. If a student is keen to continue but the mentor is unable to, the Institute will find the student a new mentor.

How to get involved

Our one-on-one mentoring places are awarded via scholarships. Key criteria are a desire to learn and financial hardship or need. If you or someone you know could benefit from an Institute for Enquiring Minds scholarship please apply now.

If you’re pursuing, or already have, a degree in a quantitative field, please reach out to become a mentor.

Got questions?

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us directly about your queries.