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You are passionate about maths. You have, or are currently studying to complete, a mathematical degree (e.g. maths, physics, engineering). Whichever is the case, it's almost certain you've benefited from great teachers, and, quite possibly, have at some time benefited from tutoring or mentoring. Why not channel some of your enthusiasm for maths to help change the life of a young person in your community? A young person who might not have had the same chances as you, but who is hungry to learn. 

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"As a student from a disadvantaged background myself, it's been fantastic to work with students facing similar challenges and imparting my experience upon them. I hope to convince them that they can rise above their past and achieve fantastic things too." - Matt, mentor

Volunteering to be an Institute for Enquiring Minds mentor is a significant commitment - a minimum of a school term's worth of 2 hours a week, working intensively with a single student. But by doing that you'll develop a strong relationship with your student and have the deep satisfaction of observing first-hand the positive outcomes of your efforts. It is difficult to overstate the magic that can happen when you, a passionate expert, works intensively with a young person desperate to improve their maths skills. This could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

The mentoring takes place either after school or at the weekend at a venue we organise. We've are fortunate to have been given access to a range of exciting safe spaces in which to do maths. 

Aside from your passion, maths skills and general awesomeness, all that you require is a Working With Children Check. Sign up!

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