Become a Scholar


Our maths scholarships support enthusiastic under-resourced
high school students with one-on-one maths mentoring



What a scholarship offers

  • A minimum of 18 hours of free one-on-one maths mentoring

  • An opportunity to learn from from a passionate and dedicated maths expert

  • A safe and stimulating space in which to learn

What you need to have

  • An eagerness to improve your maths skills

  • A commitment to attend a 2-hour session per week for at least 9 weeks

  • Proof of financial need or hardship (e.g. ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance, or a Health Care Card)


Got questions?

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us directly about your queries.

What you need to do

  • Complete this online form. That’s it! We’ll then get in touch with you to discuss next steps. Please note, academic achievement is NOT a selection criterion.

If you are successful

  • We will schedule a time to speak on the phone to discuss availability as well to establish an appropriate mathematical starting point for the first mentoring session.

  • At the first session an Institute team member will meet you and introduce you to your mentor at the agreed venue. At the end of the session we will follow up to confirm the arrangement going forward.

  • Throughout the term of engagement we will be available to both you and your mentor to assist in any way we can.

Upon completion

  • We will meet with both you and your mentor to discuss your experiences and thoughts on the progress achieved.

  • Each of you will be awarded a unique, artist produced, Certificate of Completion.

  • If both you and your mentor are in agreement the scholarship will be rolled into the next term.